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How to Find the Right Mentor at Your Job

Capital Healthcare Staffing | March 26, 2020

In any job or industry, it is always helpful to have a mentor. Navigating your career or your immediate job responsibilities can be challenging. It is often beneficial to have someone who’s been there before you to show you the ropes. When you start a new position at a hospital, most supervisors assign you a mentor. This is someone you can ask questions about policies and procedures specific to that hospital, where things are located and get a more personalized orientation. What about a mentor for your career? 

4 Ways for Hospital Employees to Reduce Stress

Capital Healthcare Staffing | March 19, 2020

Nearly any job leaves you vulnerable to burn out, but those practicing in medicine are especially at high risk because of the stress experienced at work. Burnout is a “state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work.”  

Take Control of Your Work-Life Balance When Working Night Shift

Capital Healthcare Staffing | March 12, 2020

Working the night shift can create obstacles to developing a work-life balance. While there are distinct advantages to the shift, there are also challenges. There may be days when you feel like life is passing you by as you’re sleeping through the day and working through the night.  

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Direct Support Professional?

Capital Healthcare Staffing | March 5, 2020

The demand for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) continues to grow. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities need someone in their lives in order to remain independent and safe at home. DSPs will provide assistance and instruction on completing tasks that most people take for granted. A DSP will help their clients with everyday tasks such as preparing meals, going to appointments and running errands. You may also be responsible for helping your client to take medication and maintain medical records. 

Tips for Staying Energized Through a Nursing Shift

Capital Healthcare Staffing | February 27, 2020

A long shift can feel even longer when you’re tired. A study from Tel Aviv University in collaboration with UCLA finds that when you’re sleep-deprived, even your brain slows down. Research has shown that sleep deprivation will slow reaction time and now demonstrates your visual perception and memory associations also slow down. These slow or sluggish responses can also change the way you perceive time.  

How AI is Expected to Change Healthcare in 2020

Capital Healthcare Staffing | February 20, 2020

In the 1950s, Minsky and McCarthy theorized artificial intelligent tasks could be performed by a machine that, if carried out by a human, we would define as having to apply intelligence to finish it. It’s a broad definition, so there are arguments over whether something is truly artificial intelligence or not.  

More Than a Career: Working as a Direct Support Professional

Capital Healthcare Staffing | February 6, 2020

It’s a seemingly vague job title for an impressively important position.  Some believe the title must be vague in order for those who serve in this position to be able to do all that is necessary. A Direct Support Professional (DSP) is “a person who assists an individual with a disability to lead a self-directed life and contribute to the community, assists with activities of daily living if needed, and encourages attitudes and behaviors that enhance community inclusion.” 

Classic Bad Workplace Habits Nurses Need to Break

Capital Healthcare Staffing | January 23, 2020

Habits play a significant role in your everyday life. A habit is a routine way of speaking or regularly doing something that may have become subconscious. In other words, you start doing or saying something without even thinking about it. Some habits are good for you – like exercise, drinking water and going to bed early. But some habits are destructive to your career and your personal relationships.

Mental Health: How to Get Your Own Support as a DSP

Capital Healthcare Staffing | January 16, 2020

As a Direct Support Professional (DSP), you’re in a position of always providing support and care for others. You have the unique privilege of providing support to intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals, allowing them to live in a home setting. Since you are charged with helping your patient to do as much for themselves as possible, staying in the background, you may not be “seen” as doing actual caregiving. This may give you and others the mistaken idea the job will not trigger burnout or cause stress in the way other caregiving positions do. But you would be mistaken.

New Year, New You: How to Boost Your Communications Skills on the Job

Capital Healthcare Staffing | January 9, 2020

Your communication skills may be the one personal skill with the greatest impact on your job satisfaction, your relationships with your colleagues and your patient satisfaction. In fact, it’s integral to your career success and professional development. It really does not matter what field you practice in; your communication skills help you to succeed. It is the number one soft skill employers are looking for during an interview. The good news is that you are not born with good skills, they can be learned. There are steps you can take immediately to strengthen your communication skills and stand out at work.